For your balloons to continue looking their best here are some simple care instructions.

Balloons are sold as seen, so any issues need to be raised when you take delivery.

Unfortunately, they do not come with a warranty so please look after them.

Our Helium Balloons are expected to float for up to a week depending on the type of balloon, temperature & how the balloons are stored.

Our balloons are designed for display and not to be used as a toy.

The balloons need to be stored at room temperature in order to be in the best condition possible. If delivered or collected in a delivery bag, you must store out of the bag.

If delivered in a delivery box, you can leave these inside or outside the delivery box however, we will always advise double-checking the products when they arrive to ensure you are happy with them.


Balloons are Delicate.

We pour lots of love into creating them for you, so treat them with care.

Don’t squash them, bash them, drag them or expose to anything sharp as they are likely to burst or deflate.

Balloons are sensitive to Temperature.

When temperature changes they are vulnerable.

If they get too cold they may deflate.

If they get too hot they may burst.


Balloons are vulnerable to Weather.

Direct sunlight may affect colours or cause them to burst

Rain may mark them or cause them to drop or deflate.

Safety Information

We want you to be safe and enjoy your celebration.

~ Helium is not toxic or flammable, however inhaling helium can result in loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen

~ Uniflated or burst balloons can present a choking hazard.  Always supervise chldren and pets around balloons.

~ Ribbons and tails can pose a strangle hazard, so never leave children or pets alone with balloons.

~ If popped, balloons with confetti, feathers, lights, fake snow or other materials are a choking hazard, if contents are ingested.

~ Latex balloons can cause an allergic reaction.

~ Please always remember the enviroment.  When finished with your balloons please PIN IT and BIN IT.                                                                

We do not promote balloon releases.

Please refer to our FAQ’s Section:

Balloons And The Environment & Helium Safety

Thank you & Enjoy your celebration.

We look forward to seeing you again soon